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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FAQ about The Home Income Portal

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I know a lot of people are looking for a source to produce an income from home. My feelings are that to have a dependable, long term and ethical income from home you have to have a business. This statement is factual and has been discussed and written about many times. A large portion of these discussions and studies have been summarized in books such as "Think Rich Grow Rich". A home business is an investment. You have complete control over how much and "What" you will or can invest. We all have different resources available to us. Some have time, some have money and still some have knowledge. This concept is to apply your available resources and "Work Smarter Not Harder".

My recomendation and the following information is about "The Home Income Portal".

Dynamic content transforms your Home Income Portal into a Unique Niche content site. It is automatically updated from a Live Article Database that receives thousands of fresh content from article submitters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It includes Recipes, Famous Quotes, Jokes and Song Lyrics. No need to download the ClickBank feed, no need to research new products. It magically happens all by itself - giving you the latest ClickBank products to sell.

106 Passive Income Websites are installed and hosted on our network for you.
106 Passive Income Websites installed on 106 Domains to build Multiple Streams of Passive Income from Home.

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All 106 Passive Income Website is Fully Preconfigured with Multi Income Streams of Direct Product and Services for You.

Your Affiliate Income is Paid Directly to you. You are not working for someone else, you are not selling someone else's product. It is all yours, and you are working for yourself.
There is no confusion, you are the Business Owner and your customers pay you directly. It is that simple.
Explosive and Dynamic SEO Optimized Passive Income Websites to Drive Fresh Targeted Organic Traffic to your 106 Passive Income Websites to Buy From You Directly.

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* After we install your 106 Passive Income Websites, on 106 Unique Domains across the Internet - we go even further.
** We create the Search Engine Sitemaps for your 106 Passive Income Websites
We submit them to over 998,000 Search Engine, Directories, Classified Ads Sites, Forums, Blogs and Message Boards
*** We Create Links to Authority Sites For your 106 Passive Income Websites to build your Page Rank and Generate Your Home Income Portal Visibility across the Internet.

There are hundreds of Professionally Produced Clickbank Video Informercial Selling Fulltime for you All you do is check your Growing Clickbank INCOME. Click on any subject below to see these exciting videos. Each and Every of your 106 Full Website shows a Dynamic unique Informercials to each and every visitor, with a Growing Full Library to build your income Passively.

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Unique Features

-- You know when you do nothing, then you get nothing. Nothing happens. And the great, sad illusion is the greater pain only continues like a runaway freight train bound for nowhere.
-- The greater pain of living with the VERY things people do not want. It does not matter what those things are...
but take a look around you. Take a look at people you know. Take a look at your own self.
-- That's exactly why you must choose to take control of your life.
You could either watch your life go down the drain or DO something about it. I urge you to choose life. choose to re-claim your life. Take it back!

Make a Decision to build your Passive income from Home, even if its just a Second or Third Income - until it fully replaces your First Income. Your income from Home is stable and secure because of RECURRING Income.
This is a subscription from your services. You make the sale once, and every month you are paid directly again and again.
Every time you add another Subscription, your monthly income gets bigger and bigger. The Home Income Portal is NOT another mentoring program or JV program that have you selling their Product and Services.
The Home Income Portal is a Real Online Business in which all your customers are yours, and all customers buy directly from you. Customers are Buying Products and Services from the Merchants you represent.

Q. What's wrong with hard work? I've worked hard all my life!
Are you saying I've wasted my life ?

A. Wow, no, that's not what I'm saying. Hard work is fine, if
it's the only work you can get. But if you start your own online business, you can make more money to enhance your lifestyle

For example, if you had to move tons of rock, and you get paid a dollar per pound moved, Let's say you can carry 20 pounds at a time, and it takes you 1 hour to make the trip. You're making $20 an hour.you could carry it by hand (that's working hard.) . But what if you borrow a friend's loader and a big truck? Now you can haul several tons of rock AT ONE TIME. And you're getting paid $2,000 per ton!
You're doing less work, yet making far more money. .
This is working smart, instead of hard
(And if you're really smart, you'll hire someone to operate the
equipment for you, while you go play golf ;-)

Q. "Buzz off, this is just another get rich quick scheme."
A. :-) I had to laugh at this one. Something about the "Buzz off," part...

...anyway, this brings up a good point. No one said anything about getting rich quick. This is about how to make money the SMART way, instead of the hard way.

You could get rich at it, I'm sure, but it's not going to be quick. In the example they give, they're talking about setting something in place to earn several hundred dollars a week, or perhaps a few thousand one time.
This kind of money won't make you rich, but it would certainly be nice to have!

Q. "How do I know online business work?"
A. Really, you don't unless you can agree that microsoft, google, yahoo, amazon,clickbank are successful online businesses ....

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A subscription for your franchise business includes 106 Aggressive Business Websites.

Its not a matter of if, but when!

With 106 Aggressive Business Websites Selling Full Time For You, your online Business Success is just a matter of time. Get in front of the next wave, as a BILLION PEOPLE rush online to build their income from home.
You have a Team assigned to get your online business established.
This is one of the support marketing infrastructure that builds and generate sales for your business.
No Magic Bullets, No Money System - You build your Income from home, because Customers are buying your Products and Services directly from you.
You also earn Affiliate Income and they pay you directly, and this builds into a stream of income that is generated from sales - day after day, 365 days a year.

Home Income Portal Owners are making far more money, by working SMARTER
... Not Harder

How about You ?

Work Hard, Be Broke
Work Smart Be Wealthy
We can all agree that in most jobs, the guy who uses his brain makes more than the guy who actually does the work.

For example ...
in a retail store, managers make more than sales clerks.
But who's on their feet 8 hours straight waiting on customers?
And who's sitting in the back office with their feet up, browsing supplier's catalogs for the next batch of merchandise to order?

This doesn't mean the manager is any smarter.

In fact, many (most?) times he's not.

He's just more clever, in that he's figured out how to make MORE by doing LESS.

Internet marketing is no different.

There are ways to make more... in fact, a LOT MORE, by doing LESS

That's what Profit Quick Cash is all about... finding ways to


Because when you work HARD, odds are you're not making much of

But when you work SMART, it's a whole different ball game.

If you're starting to think you've been approaching online business all wrong...

...you may be right.


There is a buzz spreading like wildfire on the web ...
1)Those that have never made a sale before are making sales.
2) Those that have never created a website before are creating professional looking sites.
3) Those that dreamed about owning a network of niche pages suddenly realizing they can own 106 Passive Income Websites
4) Those that only ever dreamed of a passive income are being paid more and more every single month.
5) Those that have only dreamed of having their own search engine friendly site hosted online have awakened from their dreams to see this is a reality.
6) Those who have hesitated starting an online business because they do not know how to promote are being rewarded with sales and laser-targeted traffic.

Each Of Your Website costs in excess of $ 3,000 dollars in manpower direct cost, and we are exploding 106 of them just for you. Each of your Passive Monetized Websites now have 5 levels of Dynamic Content.
You can instantly have 106 Passive Monetized Website building Income for you with this installation.
The Home Income Portal sets you free from the typical, time consuming way of making money online. Commonly when someone wants to make money online it involves a lot of work and research. It can consist of finding wholesale products to resell, choosing the ones you think people will like, putting up your own money, storing the products, building a website that securely accepts credit cards, receive the orders, package the orders, go to the post office and ship the orders.
Now The Home Income Portal can get the end result of building an income online without taking up much time, and best of all it can be done from anywhere!

Did you know that Affiliate Marketing is now a major tool used by almost all of the top companies, including...

Home Income Portal
Traffic Magnet
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This is NOT Internet marketing hocus pocus or geek speak. This is your Worldwide online business on 106 Monetized Website building your Passive income from home by selling what people want.

1 The Home Income Portal is owning a Real Business on a shoe string. It is NOT a money system, or a Money Program, but a real business where Customers Buy From You.
2 The Home Income Portal is the only Franchise that will build a Real Business Empire across the Internet of 106 Passive Monetised Website to attract Income. It is the only Franchise System that are constantly upgrading, promoting and building your Websites to generate Sales and Income For You.
3 The Home Income Portal will ferret out for you those "SWEET" niches that you hear highly successful marketers are making money with. We execute these very same techniques to passively build your income.
4 Your Team will "Spy" on your competition and do all the research for you. No need for you to do research, a team behind the scenes will do it all for you.
You always need proper research before you start your Internet Marketing campaigns, to locate the gold at the end of the rainbow!
5 Your Team automatically deploy the strategies of "Top" marketers in the world, to give you the Ultimate Advantage competing for The Consumer Dollar. We know that there are VERY few people that know about many of our techniques.
6 Thinking Smarter is KEY to making money online and The Home Income Portal deploys State Of The Art Technological Advances to your online business Marketing Strategies.
Take a look here, you are reading this from a HOT ZONE on my website. This means that my Home Team is beaming this to you dynamically, and all of my 106 Monetized Websites are showing different Unique Feature Groups, creating unique Content Live.
7 If you don't have any a lot of money to invest, THAT WON'T AFFECT YOU HERE!! The Home Income Portal get you in business online on a shoestring.
8 You are in business with a turn-key multi stream of Income that includes 106 Websites completely automated to attract Income like a Magnet. Keywords, and an array of different ways to make a ton of money promoting it. If you don't know where to start with Internet Marketing, having 106 Passive Income Website WILL make you money.
9 If you haven't heard, we use a CRAZY business building Model that will dramatically expand your reach to customers worldwide". No need for a step-by-step system, because you have a Team that is Dynamically explode trance like sales copy directly to the Hot Zones of your 106 Passive Income Websites.
10 There are easily another 10 reasons why you should immediately start a Home Income Portal online business. We implemented this for everyone to achieve an income from Home.
Forget anything you've learned in the past, implementing all different types of business. The Home Income Portal will put cash in your pocket. It's really that simple.

My recomendation and the following information is about "The Home Income Portal".


The Home Income Portal is very impressive! I normally get around 3-4 JV requests everyday from people wanting me to review a business (I turn down most).
But when I discovered The Home Income Portal I knew I had a killer business, so I had a jumped at the chance to build more income from Home.
This online business is jam packed with features and benefits, automatically employing hundreds of killer money making strategies that will help anyone earn income online!
Anyone who owns a Home Income Portal Franchise will have an extreme advantage over the competition! - I would highly recommend The Home Income Portal to anyone".
Good job guys.
Nicholas Sparkidoupoulos

“It’s very simple: Money is freedom—the freedom to spend your time as you choose. The more disposable income you have—the more freedom you have when it comes to how to spend your time. ‘Lifestyle Shrinkage’ is the Great Depression of our generation. This subtle yet growing phenomenon boils down to one simple thing: Shrinking disposable income.”
Madeline Greene

I have to say, the combination of The Home Income Portal and the 106 Monetized Website to attract Passive Income has really crystalized things for me.
During the past month I have been pulling my hair out trying to determine how to best pursue my web business goals and dreams.
The past month has been a classic case of information overload.
I have looked at so many programs, e-books and membership sites (and were talking four different memberships ranging from $97 to $297 a month) that my head was about to explode.
Once I discovered The Home Income Portal I quickly realized that I held the "Golden Key" in my hands. I immediately updated my owners profile diligently and extracted every every income stream programmed for me.
And then today, after checking my 106 Monetized Websites that was installed across the internet for me, I immediately knew that it was only a matter of time that my team will have all of my Income Websites Visible.
And what a relief. Seriously. I needed to simplify things and focus on one business model and one membership site and I needed to stop trying to chase multiple rabbits simultaneously.
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful online business for eyeryone and thank you for putting me in place to build my income from home.
It took me a while to find you guys, but I am so glad I am here.

All the best,

Donald Polanski